Tool Factory

Our tool shop - where 15 persons work on 920 m2 - undertakes to deal with external orders presently as well. We undertake to design and manufacture tools, machine special parts, and produce single-purpose machines. For manufacturing small and large series, we also have CNC machining centres, and CNC lathe, as well as 3D design and machining programs (Solid Edge V20, EdgeCam 9.75).

For several years we have supplied machined parts to Aprítógépgyár RT (since 2007 RUUKKI Tisza ZRT), KRÖLL Hungária KFT,  SAMSUNG RT, Ganz Transelektro Villamossági ZRt, and INTEC Austria GmbH, which provides representation for several big Austrian, and German companies (BÖHLER, PEWAG, KWB, JOOTECHNIK).

We have produced different jet-moulds, plate processing tools, and single-purpose machines to Dometic RT, NCT KFT, ELECTROLUX Magyarország KFT, Mezőgép RT, Ilpea Profext KFT, VILL-BAU KFT, Coiver Hungária KFT, BUNDY KFT, Dencs KFT, TERMOTECHNIKA KFT, and also to Slovakia, to TECHIMPEX SLOVAKIA s.r.o. For the past year we have continuously provided tools manufacturing, repairing, and modifying as well for Ferropress KFT, which delivers plate parts to several multinational companies in Hungary, mainly to Samsung.

The halls on our site were built with steel construction design, and have a total area of almost 3000 m2. Furthermore, we constructed the steel construction hall of VILL-BAU KFT, in Budapest as well.

Our company initiated the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality-insurance system in 2005 and the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 in 2010.