"Széchenyi 2020" Investment to the future.

Press Release

Purchasing of 4 new energy saving stat-of-the-art technological molding machines at Csizmadia és Társa Ltd.!

Our firm, the CSIZMADIA ÉS TÁRSA Ltd. is 100% family venture. It's predecessor is a small industry, which was established by Árpád Csizmadia in 1979. He employed in planning tools, making them, and chipping special component parts. In 1991, the venture was transformed into Ltd. because of the results of economic crisis and began to make plastic products, and household equiptments, and then trade with them. Now, this is the main profile of our company.
JNow, the producting goes on with 50 personnel on 3000 squaremeters. We can satisfy our present and new partners with 170 own products and about 1000 any other products. We increase our supply continuously. Every year, we bring in 10 - 12 new products for our partners.
Our products are known in many European country. Our foreign partners export our products into Germany, Szlovakia, Rep. of Chech, Romania és Ukrajnia. We can take the transport upon ourselves in sort deadline with our trucks, if your order is appropriated.
In our Tool factory, we take and fulfil the orders with 15 personnel on 920 squaremeters. We take planning tools, chipping special component parts and manifacturing upon ourselves. We have CNC working machine and CNC turn-bench for making serials. 3D planning softwares help our works ( Solid Edge, EdgeCam ).

The company's plan improve the whole machine park within 5-7 years, which first step we bought 4 new energy saving Haitian molding machine and installed in 2014.
The new machines equiped with servo pump, which operation of the factory and the distributor measurements are result 40 % of energy saving compared to old machines.
This machines are faster, more productive and within specified time bring down bigger number of pieces with minimal amount of waste.

The 20 million Forint's, which won by the Új Széchenyi Plan, we bought and installed 4 pieces Haitian molding machines , and successfully finished the investment in 2014.oktober. 30.