Since opening our plate factory, we have been getting contact with some company.
Some of them:

We made household appliances, using stainless steel materials to Trinox-60 Bt..
Plates of advertising parts for Radius Signage Ltd. (for example: LUKOIL gas startions display parts.
Cooking elements, cooking plates, cooking forms, etc. for Jász-Sütőház, using stainless steel materials.
For Dong Kwang Tech Ltd. handling tapes, equipment parts, machined metal components.

For VA-RA Fég Ltd. manufacturing and powder painting boiler wrap parts, additional parts.

Manufacturing professional business devices for AMA-Shop Ltd.

For Káta CNC Ltd. unique parts punching, edge bending, powder painting, galvanic anchoring.

Unique machine wrap manufacturing to Dobák és Társa Ltd.

For wire-baskets we made unique tracks, and metal parts shaping in eccentric press for AMOND Ltd.

We are open for any kind of metal shaping and metal framing

We are undertake coolly milled-, surface-treated ( fire-, galvanic anchoring), stainless steel materials, aluminium plates cutting, punching ( various shapes simple and complicated cover cutting), edge bending, pressing, squeezing.
The finished parts assembly with solvable and not solvable bangade. (with twisting, riveting, welding).