Metal Factory

The idea of Metal Factory is came up already several years ago in Csizmadia és Társa Ltd. developmental plans. The factory started in 2009 february.
Our investment, development goal working up a supplier activity circle and how to improving, manufacturing own products from different material quality plates.

The new factory part is a 400 m2 metal factory, where there are 4 CNC machine ( to plate parts shaping) and 2 tappet compactor ( to squeezing, extruding), and some other equipments ( corner hip,welder, drilling machine and many small hand-held machines).

The CNC machines are use in different material plates, measures to cutting, punching, bending optional measure and shaping plates.

While our company is possess with serious tool factory and tool machines, so it's pliantly solvable to manufacture unique tooling prentender products.(for example press tool or CNC dresser tool).
We are undertaking coolly milled, over-treated (fire-, galvanic anchored), stainless steel plates, cutting, punching (cutting simple and difficult various shaped covers), edge-bending, squeezing, extruding.
We are set togther the ready parts with solvable and not solvable bondages.
(with screwing, riveting, and welding).
We are undertaking the surface treatment of the fabricated products with subcontractors. (Be it a anchoring, powder painting, or other sufaces fabricating.

In 2008, the company tendered a competition to the "Új Magyarország" Developmental Plan with European Union support, which title was

We won the tendered competition in July 2008 and the company partook 8.798.756 Huf support by the Hungarian Economy Developmental Zrt.
With this the company implemented our plan, we worked up the Metal Factory.
In this way we bought 4 metal manufacturing machines:
1 CNC hydraulic edge-bending machine,
1 CNC adjustable angle cutting hydraulic scissor,
1 adjustable angle cutting corner hip,
1 dump framed fix angle cutting automatic tape-saw,
which collective price: 21.996.888 Huf
There are 4 people working in the Metal Factory momently.

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